The Way We Travel and Transport is Changing

The World of Travel and Transportation is ChangingI may be quite the novice when it comes to the automotive industry in South Africa. In spite of my ignorance of many aspects, my fascination with the way we travel and transport is changing. I am a little in awe. Cars have evolved into flying things, for goodness sake! It’s awesome to think that we might be able to experience the thrill of flying solo in our lifetime. The question we need to ask is, where is it all leading to? The world of tavel and transportation is changing.

The Changing World of Travel and Transportation

We are already headed toward an age where diesel powered vehicles will be banned, petrol will slowly be faded out. Electric and solar powered cars are here. The first solar powered aircraft flew around the world in 2016 already. This is where we are headed. The cars of the future may not only be cars travelling across the earth, but flying cars too. They may even provide mutiple options which include fly, drive or sail.  It’s not going to take decades for this leap to happen. When we look back, each discovery has led to many others and this constantly increases the speed at which we are developing the world.

Cars, boats, trains and planes are not exempt from development. They are, indeed, at the forefront of change. The way we commute and travel and transport requires that our transportation systems and vehicles are constantly redesigned to manage and cope with the technological changes which make life easier, faster and hopefully, safer.

History and Bertha Benz – The First ‘Marketer’ of the Automobile

Bertha Benz

Bertha Benz By Bühler, Mannheim (Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz, Ladenburg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It has been just 113 years since man first flew the skies successfully. We have been to the moon and back and already have plans to build on Mars or elsewhere. It’s been only 213 years since the first production vehicle was built and driven. While the debate around who designed the first engine, car, etc is still ongoing, Karl Benz was the first to build and produce the first vehicle sold to the public in or around 1885.

Instant messaging has transformed our lives and access to information has transmitted us into a digital world we described as Sci-Fi when we were kids (well, me anyway).

The Millenials will not know or see the changes which have taken place since the 60’s when big V8’s guzzled gas and the #MeToo Campaign was a woman’s dream which went unspoken. It’s ironic that it took Bertha Benz’s initiative to create the spark which set the Mercedes Benz history into the making.

Flying Cars are on our doorstep

The Zhejiang Geely Holding Group is planning to become the first to make flying cars available commercially in 2019! It’s pretty awesome. So, all those V8’s which aren’t dead already will have to die slowly. In a world where we’re taxing most things which cause harm to nature, the future doesn’t look bright the petrol or diesel driven car. It’s a change which is inevitable … and it’s a good one. We need to plan for these changes and think about how we’re going to buy and sell vehicles in the future. It’s going to change the world of travel. Local airlines could become a thing of the past. We may even see the introduction of shuttles which ‘fly’ one from one country to another in the time it takes to make a sandwich and scoff it! Is it that far fetched?

MIT spinout flying car company Terrafugia bought by Geely is well funded to sell flying cars starting in 2019

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