The Wesbank 2018 Car Of the Year

Porsche Panamera Wesbank 2018 Car of the YearHow was the Wesbank 2018 Car of the Year judged? Does popularity in terms of sales even come into the equation? Probably not. Porsche has won the 2018 Car of the Year 4 times in the past 6 years.  Lower-end vehicles do not seem to make the grade. Prior to last year when the Opel Astra took the prize, the last ‘lower-end’ vehicle to win was the Hyundai Elantra back in 2012. Clearly, popularity is not a factor when deciding.

The Wesbank 2018 Car of the Year Winners are:

24 Judges selected by the South African Guild of Motor Journalists formed the jury which came to the conclusion that:

  1. The Porsche Panamera is South Africa’s car of the year,
  2. the Volvo S90 was adjuudged to be second best, and
  3. the Alfa Romeo Giulia placed third in the rankings.

porsche panamera

How the Car of the Year is Decided

In 2017 IOL Motoring wrote: “Interior design & practicality, exterior aesthetics, safety & technology, performance, handling & dynamics, efficiency, value for money and overall excellence. There will also be a weighting on the scores, which favours the more sensible factors such as value. The SAGMJ will, in good time, release a full statistical analysis of the scores to those who request it, but this time jury’s names won’t be published.”

Volvo S90

“To help assess each car, jurors were given a comprehensive info pack, with pricing, specs, parts pricing, independent performance figures and so on. The only addition I’d suggest for future years is some form of real-world consumption figures, given how prominent that is in the scoring”

While it’s great to have a Wesbank 2018 Car of the Year, one feels a bit disappointed that cars like the Volkswagen Polo, Toyota Corolla and even the Ford Ranger, which have all proven hugely popular,  haven’t secured a win over the years in spite of being top selling cars. It’s not quite politics is it? But who am I to judge.

Alfa Romeo Giulia third place

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